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Pre-SUMMIT interview with Craig Hepburn

During my three days at CeBIT I interviewed a number of Enterprise 2.0 people, like Jeff Schick and Stefan Pfeiffer of IBM Frank Schönefeld of T-Systems MMS Dirk Röhrborn of Communardo Craig Hepburn of OpenText Vassil Mladjov of Blogtronix Joshua Wold of Atlassian Wolf Ingmar Faecks of Sapient and, last but not least, Mark Masterson […]

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What’s the ROI of collaboration?

Though targeted on the adoption of social software, the discussions at last week’s Enterprise 2.0 FORUM have always emerged to the question about the ROI of the Enterprise 2.0 strategy very quickly. Especially the talk of Dr. Frank Schönefeld turned the discussion towards the economic measures and dimensions of Enterprise 2.0 (he promised to me […]

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Looking back at the Enterprise 2.0 FORUM at Cologne

Besides my german language summary at frogpond I suppose it’s important to compile some impressions for the non-german speaking Enterprise 2.0 community. And when one of your keynote speakers travelled all the way from London to Cologne it’s even more timely. I already did my best in twitter-translating the german-language talks for him (neat if […]

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Upcoming: E20SUMMIT

Hello again, sleeping beauty that you are – Enterprise 2.0 community. I am glad to be back and to have some good news for you: I am your freshly appointed community manager, giving you company right until the upcoming E20SUMMIT in Frankfurt, Germany, 6.-8. Oct. 2009 and probably consecutive SUMMITs too. When Thomas Koch and […]

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Can social software “work” in Germany?

Or France, or Japan, or Brazil? Or, indeed, anywhere that is not an “Anglo/Saxon” culture? Now, wait, wait — before you flame on! (or worse), hear me out. It’s hard to talk about the issue I want to raise here without raising some emotional reactions as well — often rather heated ones. That’s understandable, but […]

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