Nous Sommes Tous Charlie!

With the E20 SUMMIT just around the corner, our thoughts are with the families of the victims of these horrible assassinations in Paris, but also with our friends in Paris that stand and walk up against this terror and inhumanity. While freedom of speech is needed for a good democracy, diversity is needed to overcome retracted thinking […]

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Die Social Business Arena ist auch auf der CeBIT 2015 wieder am Start!

Vom 16. bis zum 18. März 2015 wird auf der CeBIT 2015 in Hannover wieder die “Social Business Arena @ CeBIT” stattfinden. Als hochwertige Fachkonferenz mit ergänzendem Branchentreff bietet die “Social Business Arena” die erste Anlaufstelle für “Enterprise 2.0”-, “Social Collaboration”- und “Digital Workplace”-Experten & -Interessierte auf der CeBIT 2015. Vermerken Sie sich schon heute […]

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Warum wir mehr über den Digital Workplace reden müssen!

Die Vorbereitungen zum IOM SUMMIT 2014 sind bereits im vollem Gange, die Marschroute für das inhaltliche Konzept steht fest, das Programm ist im Entstehen und unser Social Media Spindoctor Frank Hamm hat angefangen, die Diskussionen zu befeuern. Den Schwerpunkt für die diesjährige Veranstaltung haben wir rund um “den Wandel durch die digitale Arbeitsplatz-Organisation” festgelegt.

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Jane McConnell: Digital Workplace is driven by the idea to support the customer-facing process!

This week on Monday the Digital Workplace Trends Report 2014 by Jane McConnell has been released and published. The report represents the results of Jane McConnell’s yearly research on the latest evolution for the corporations to adopt to the digital workplace. This year 314 corporate project leads have answered the questionaire – from a variety […]

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Tell us your personal “aha moment” for the added value of social collaboration!

As we know from the discussions so far, the value from social interactions must be experienced to be really understood. So in order to ignite a little debate we would like to know about your “aha moments” in regards to your “social experiences”! What is your little story from your general “social interaction experiences” (internal or external) that made you convinced on the additional value that is worth the extra effort in connecting with people, checking on timelines, sharing information or posting your thoughts into a network.

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Bertrand Duperrin: A process based approach to social means discussing, removing, replacing the organization as we know it!

With the Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT 2014 the objective is to discuss the further integration of the “social” ideas in the company’s structures and processes. One of these sessions that point in this direction is the discussion about how to align social with the business process organization. One of the two talks that are introducing the […]

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