What are the answers to the CIO’s objections?

In a recent post Bernard Lunn of RWW lists some objections CIOs have towards social media. He comes up with the following issues: Unpredictable scaling issues. Security against IP loss. Integration. Loss of productivity. Accidental brand damage. I would say most of them derive from the software-as-a-service concept Bernard implies towards social media – but […]

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Microblogging as a Corporate Tool

The discussions about micro blogging services have reached another peak these days with Yammer winning the beauty contest at TechCrunch50. Despite all reservations regarding Yammer not being very innovative this incident at least turned on the light on looking at micro blogging services as Twitter, Jaiku, Pownce, or as well Yammer (see full list […]

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Perturbation needed for innovations

I just stumbled upon an interesting research paper of the Harvard Business School (via Collaborative Thinking of Mike Gotta) that discusses the “struggle of balancing the conflicting demands of efficiency and innovation”. While it’s clear that efficiency (in the means of constant or better business results at less or at least constant expenses) and innovations […]

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Good sources of information

Two days ago Simon Wardley published a short list of people you want to know for answers to questions within the field of emerging enterprise technologies – while being very pleased that he mentioned this “very young” information ressource I would like to add some more people to his list: Enterprise 2.0: Sören Stamer of […]

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Wrap-Up: Interview of Joachim Niemeier with Prof. Dr. Michael Koch, Universität der Bundeswehr, München

As a warm-up dance for the Enterprise 2.0 FORUM on Sept. 18th in Cologne, Joachim Niemeier, the moderator of the E2.0 FORUM, conducted some interviews with our speakers. Below you’ll find a English translation with the key content of the interview with Prof. Dr Michael Koch of the Universität der Bundeswehr, München, who is teaching […]

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