It’s the economy, stupid.

Recent conversations about Enterprise 2.0 have, it seems to me, become increasingly focused on return on investment (ROI). This is a rational consequence of any number of factors — in order to deploy these technologies in any sensible fashion, it is necessary to demonstrate that doing so will bring a return on the investment needed […]

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Can social software “work” in Germany?

Or France, or Japan, or Brazil? Or, indeed, anywhere that is not an “Anglo/Saxon” culture? Now, wait, wait — before you flame on! (or worse), hear me out. It’s hard to talk about the issue I want to raise here without raising some emotional reactions as well — often rather heated ones. That’s understandable, but […]

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Social processes — a killer app for Enterprise 2.0?

On my personal blog, I wrote up a thesis on the idea that the proper mix of business process management (BPM) and social networking + collaboration software might be the “killer app”, at least in the near term, for the Enterprise 2.0 domain. As blog posts tend to be (especially mine), that’s a quite wordy […]

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