Worlds collide – Constructed reality according to Herbert Mead and Herbert Blumer’s symbolic interactionism

Why is it sometimes hard and sometimes easy to get people/employees adopting or even accepting social software, tools, Enterprise 2.0 and Social Business transformations? Why are there resistance and support for tools, processes or applications in our ambition to drive change for good and clear benefit? Maybe these problems and questions are created by us […]

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The Santa Sleigh Model

Well, it’s Christmas time – the most holly and jolly time of the year. People seem to be friendlier and try to get along with each other. Overall it is a time of harmony and joy. I want to embrance this particular moment as an opportunity to look at our inner child and an interesting […]

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The Others – a perception of HR

As always, things pop into my head during movies, hangouts and reading certain posts and articles. One of those things lurking in my brain is the topic of HR and their closed reality or what I like to call it the HR dimension. It is not my intention to blame the HR department for their […]

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Digital illiteracy or do we know how to handle the tech?

As I was watching the E20 experts hangout “Concretizing the Digital Workplace” I notice a very interesting statement from Ana Silva (@anadatagirl). She said that there might be a lack of digital literacy and therefore a gap of knowledge within the engagement, adoption and understanding of the different Enterprise 2.0 and Social Business solutions.  At […]

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Look out! – An outlook.

I think it is time – time for me to contribute my part to the E20 blog. First of all I want to thank everyone for the good wishes and the warm welcome at the E20 blog team. I want to give you a small overview where our journey will take us. Some may ask: […]

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