Dion Hinchcliffe: Cultivating and actively orchestrating our social ecologies is the next stage

Dion Hinchcliffe (@dhinchcliffe) offers his answers for this episode of our pre-Summit interview series. Dion is the Chief Strategy Officer for the Dachis Group, he’s a thought leader in, and I quote, social business, big data, analytics, service-oriented architecture, agile methods, Social CRM, and supply chain management. Furthermore, he’s a regular keynote speaker and co-author […]

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João Santos: Governance should stay close to whom has accountability for the process outcome

Another speaker, another interview. João Pinto dos Santos answers the questions in this pre-Summit interview. João is Global HR Social and Gamification Lead at Accenture. He joins Bertrand Duperrin on the Expertise Panel: Getting Social Aligned to Processes at Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT 2014 in Paris. João, can you give us three tags that describe best your […]

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Ben Ellermann

Ben Ellermann: Wir brauchen Dolmetscher zwischen Anwender und Entwickler

Ben Ellermann ist Senior Consultant bei der buw digital GmbH und erster Vorsitzender des Vorstands des Bundesverbands Community Management e.V. für digitale Kommunikation und Social Media. Ellermann beschäftigt sich seit dem Jahre 2008 hauptberuflich mit Social Media und digitaler Kommunikation. Zunächst leitete er Redaktion und Community Management eines sozialen Netzwerks, bevor er 2012 in die […]

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Emanuele Quintarelli: Organizations are far from leveraging social as an accelerator

Emanuele Quintarelli (@absolutesubzero) continues our pre-summit interview series. Emanuele is a seasoned Enterprise 2.0 / Social Business strategist, co-author, speaker and a “Digital Transformation Leader”. He has launched, the Italian Architecture Summit, the Web 2.0 & Beyond Conference, International Forum on Enterprise 2.0 & the Social Business Forum. He lives and breathes Social Business. […]

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Frederic Charles : Enteprise 2.0 is the new form of a more opened entreprise.

As a member of the #e20s Ambassador Team I had the chance to ask Frederic Charles about his perception of the evolution of the social projects. The questions are in line with the other #e20s status-quo interviews. Frederic (Blog / Twitter) is an enterprise 2.0 evangelist passionate about business innovation. He is in charge of IT Strategy & Governance and head of Digital Relationship […]

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Frank Wolf

Frank Wolf: “Nichts diffuses mehr, sondern konkrete Argumente.”

Für unser nächstes Interview konnten wir Frank Wolf gewinnen. Frank Wolf ist Projektfeldmanager Business & Portfolio Development bei der T-Systems MMS. Die T-Systems-Tochter Multimedia Solutions entwickelt internetbasierte Lösungen für Großkonzerne und mittelständische Unternehmen. Wo stehen wir beim Thema “Social Collaboration/Business” in Deutschland? Das Glas ist aus meiner Sicht halb voll. Das Thema ist sehr präsent, […]

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Olivier Berard : the best approach is the one that will fit your organization and employees, not which works for your neighbor.

As a member of the #e20s Ambassador Team I had the chance to ask Olivier Berard (Blog / Twitter), consultant in the Social Business internal taskforce at Renault Consulting about his perception of the evolution of the social projects. The questions are in line with the other #e20s status-quo interviews.   1) How do you evaluate the […]

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Jane McConnell: The digital workplace lives at the intersection of people, organization and tools

Jane McConnell, strategic advisor on digital workplace strategies; researcher and author of “The Digital Workplace in the Connected Organization, 2014 Edition”, is our next interviewee in the series. She’ll be closing the first conference day as part of the Expert Panel discussing “Digital Workplace Concepts and Trends” Topics covered are: Top 10 Trends in the […]

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Tobias Arns

Tobias Arns: In der ITK-Branche setzen 71 Prozent auf Social Software

Für den heutigen Beitrag unserer Interviewreihe haben wir Tobias Arns befragt. Tobias Arns ist Bereichsleiter Social Media beim BITKOM e.V. Er betreut dort die Arbeitskreise Social Media sowie Apps & Mobile Services und E-Commerce. Erfahrungen in der strategischen Nutzung von sozialen Medien und mobilen Anwendungen für Unternehmen sammelte Arns als Projektmanager bei NetFederation, einer Unternehmensberatung […]

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Axel Wessendorf (United Planet)

Axel Wessendorf sieht Social Business in Deutschland am Anfang

Axel Wessendorf ist Gründer des Softwareunternehmens Lexware und CEO des Freiburger Portal- und Social Business-Spezialisten United Planet. United Planet gehört mit über 4.500 Installationen seiner Portal- und Integrationssoftware Intrexx und seiner Social Business Plattform Intrexx Share allein im deutschsprachigen Raum zu den Marktführern im Segment der mittelständischen Wirtschaft und der öffentlichen Verwaltung. Mit seiner Social […]

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Peter Vander Auwera: Corporate rebels fight mediocrity, and applaud critical thinking!

Today, Peter Vander Auwera answers the questions in our pre-conference interview series. When you talk about Peter, you have to talk about innovation, enthusiasm and being a rebel. But, there’s more to him. He’s also an independent thinker, an event organizer, co-initiator of Corporate Rebels United, member of Change Agents Worldwide, he’s a speaker and […]

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Claire Flanagan: Limiting adoption can sometimes stifle the collaboration and serendipity

Next in line at our pre-conference interviews is Claire Flanagan. She is the director of Business Value Strategy at Jive Software. She has a “solid track record in Enterprise 2.0, social business collaboration strategy, communities and adoption”. This makes her perfect for being part of the expertise panel to discuss “Driving the Engagement & Adoption”.

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Stefan Ehrlich: Social Collaboration in den meisten großen Unternehmen angekommen

Stefan Ehrlich ist Leiter Communication Services der T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH in Dresden. Parallel ist er verantwortlich für das Wissensmanagement im Unternehmen und treibt dabei die Entwicklung der Prozesse und Tools voran. Die T-Systems-Tochter Multimedia Solutions entwickelt internetbasierte Lösungen für Großkonzerne und mittelständische Unternehmen.

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Dan Pontefract: Collaborative, connected and learning-first environment for happier, more innovative, and more productive employees!

Today’s answers in our pre-conference interview serie come from Dan Pontefract, who’s heading the learning and leadership programme of TELUS and who will be one of the keynote speakers at Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT. His focus lies on how to get people more engaged and doing meaningful work. He captured his experience thinking in a book that is called Flat Army: Creating a Connected and Engaged Organization that provides some good frameworks for advancing the transformation process.

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Rachel Happe: A Community Manager has to inspire, establish and normalize a behavior change, this drives ROI

In this edition of pre-conference interviews we ask Rachel Happe the questions. Rachel is, according to her Twitter profile, “Connector of ideas & people. Fascinated by social dynamics & false truths.”. She’s also the co-founder of The Community Roundtable, dedicated to advancing the business of community. Rachel will share her knowledge and expertise during the […]

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Bernard Marie Chiquet: Spreading the word on Holacracy

In our pre-Summit interview series we turn our attention towards Bernard Marie Chiquet. Bernard is founder of IGI Partners and he is the first Holacracy Master Coach in Europe, the highest degree certification for Holacracy. Bernard will grace us with his presence on the second day of the Enterprise 2.0 Summit. He will team up […]

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