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What is your name?

Bertrand Duperrin

Who are you and what are you doing?

I live in Paris, France. I'm consultant at blueKiwi Software, in charge of helping our clients to build and implement their social networks strategy and drive results through it.

How did you get to the E2.0 topic?

In fact I started from E and got the 2.0 part by luck.

For years ago I was working at a leading management consultancy firm. I was involved in many projects aiming at improving leadership, making people collaborate more effectively and I realized we were stuck in old principles that prevented us from fully achieving our goals.

At the same time I launched a blog, just to discover what it was. A few weeks later I was in contact with many professionals, having very interesting discussions with them. At this moment I realized that I was achieving in my private life what I needed to do at work and that it was easier for me to share and discuss ideas, to connect with people, outside that inside my company. I thought there was something to learn from that experience and started to focus on "management 2.0" in summer of 2005. Then I slowly got closer and closer to the Enterprise 2.0 topic. I joined blueKiwi in its early days in 2006 because it was an unique opportunity to put my ideas at work in a 2.0 minded company which goal was to empower such ways of running business.

What is your understanding of the core concept of the Enterprise 2.0 idea?

It's a wide concept in which so many things were put that it's very hard to really express the whole concept. According to me Enterprise 2.0 is two things :

  • new management rules to run businesses in the current context, taking both economic issues (knowledge economy) and environment issues (social economy) into account
  • using the right technology to empower it.

    I want to make it clear that in my understanding, organizational and managerial issues come far before technology.
What are the main potentials of the Enterprise 2.0 idea?

The main potential is to align businesses with their environment. I mean that the way companies operate is more and more disconnected to what's happening outside of their wall. The consequence is a systematic incapabilty to improve their internal efficency and to achieve what their environment expects from them. What means :

  • Building a "pull" organization that is aligned with the market and client's needs in order to deliver more value not by increasing pressure on people but by removing organizational constraints.t
  • Enable company-wide collaboration by an optimal (human) ressources sharing in adhoc processes. Each employee being a specific resource because of its own expertise and being able to deliver a specific service, this approach leads to building a Service Oriented Organization.
What are the main challenges, threads and issues of the Enterprise 2.0 idea?
  • Think enterprise before think 2.0
  • Don't mistake enterprise 2.0 for web 2.0
  • Focus on adoption instead of deployement.
  • Understand that the purpose of corporate communities is not the communities themselve but getting things done, delivering a process.
Please give us three tags that describe your person and work best?

management 2.0, alignment, systemic

Please give us three names of colleagues that you would refer to as brother-in-spirit?