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What is your name?

Frédéric Williquet

Who are you and what are you doing?

Frédéric Williquet, People Manager of HR Consultants for years, developped a comprehensive and broad view on HR.

Currently the Conversation Manager for SD Worx and HR consultant, he provides consultancy on Future of Work, Enterprise 2.0 & Social Business, Open Leadership, Employee Engagement, Gamification, Conversation Management, Knowledge Management and HR marketing. He practices Appreciative Inquiry and Visual Harvesting.

Describing himself as a Business Interactions Architect, he is a strong believer in managing change through the power of communities. He co-created

How did you get to the E2.0 topic?

Fortuitously, 6 years ago, by reading a blogpost over Andrew McAfee.

What is your understanding of the core concept of the Enterprise 2.0 idea?

Sharing Knowledge is not (only) storing documents. Implicit knowledge is far away more important. Enhanced access to this implicit knowledge is key.

Looking for help to get his work done is broader than only in his own team. Identify and be able to reach engaged experts will create more efficiency and quality.

Processes are very important but you certainly first have to think how (and when) you make decision together (or not).

Delivering customer service is first listening to them and building a conversation to understand how to help them more and beter. Not how to sell more of your standard products.

Co-creation is a nice concept and a goal to reach but you have to make it happen: it's not so natural and classic HR processes don't help to.

Employee engagement has a lot to do with recognition. 360 recognition from all the stakeholders. Enterprise 2.0 is all about the creation of a space where everyone can/want participate, help each others and get a chance to receive esteem, to reach status for what they do, not for what they are.

Enterprise 2.0 is a culture journey.

What are the main potentials of the Enterprise 2.0 idea?

Value Creation. Beter services. All other stuffs (see before) are just the way to get there.

What are the main challenges, threads and issues of the Enterprise 2.0 idea?

The real main issue is HR.

HR has to help business to build a:

Clear Vision-Mission of such a project. Why are we doing this? What results do we expect?

Adequate culture and Management Model (genome).

Aligned Leadership style.

Synced real and virtual places.

Clear, defined and fair processes.

Technical and emotional ability of all.

Support to the communities.

Employee Engagement.

Please give us three tags that describe your person and work best?

Appreciative Inquiry.

Visual Harvesting.

Conversation Management.

Please give us three names of colleagues that you would refer to as brother-in-spirit?

Jan Laurijssen

Jean-Yves Huwart

David Demetrius