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What is your name?

James Governor

Who are you and what are you doing?

I am an industry analyst, who founded my own company, RedMonk, which we like to think of as "open source analysis"

How did you get to the E2.0 topic?

We live it. RedMonk began as a pretty traditional boutique analyst firm looking at enterprise IT, but our extensive use of blogs and social media, and deep exposure to open source business models, led us into the Enterprise 2.0 space. We see ourselves as bridge builders between the traditional enterprise and the "cool kids".

What is your understanding of the core concept of the Enterprise 2.0 idea?

E 2.0 is about focusing on people and community, within your organisation, and investing accordingly. IT shouldn't be there to replace people through automation, but to augment their capabilities.

What are the main potentials of the Enterprise 2.0 idea?

To become more creative. Is it likely a traditional enterprise would create a Google for example? With E2.0 thinking it's a lot more likely. Traditional organisations often require employees to leave in order to innovate. Enterprise 2.0 encourages and nurtures employee innovation.

What are the main challenges, threads and issues of the Enterprise 2.0 idea?

The cultural changes required to support less hierarchical working patterns are the biggest obstacles to *anything* 2.0...

Please give us three tags that describe your person and work best?

Extrovert, wide-ranging, fun

Please give us three links to articles/contributions that describe your views best?
  • ness-when-you-are-dead/
  • al-media/
  • mputing/
Please give us three names of colleagues that you would refer to as brother-in-spirit?

I will give you 4 -

  • Stephen O'Grady, co-founder RedMonk
  • Michael Coté, RedMonk analyst
  • Tom Raftery, RedMonk analyst to cover our new sustainability business
  • Tim O'Reilly
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