Social software tools within the enterprise – not a revolution but an evolution

In the following of my other posting (in German) and in regards to foster the discussions about Enterprise 2.0 for our upcoming event I am happy to share with you thoughts of the Intranet 2.0 FORUM in Zurich on Dec 7th regarding the presentation of Richard Dennison of BT talking about “Social software in a corporate context: the BT experience!”:

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There were three statements from Richard that I found very remarkable in the context of my Enterprise 2.0 case evaluations:

The first is taken from his lessons learned – there he is talking about the perception of social software comparing towards classical information management solutions like the CMS-based intranet at BT. While he first thought that the use of social software is a revolution, he is now aware that it is an evolution – in regards to a more open and collaborative approach of managing information – as in “Be Open & Collaborate”.

Second is the grassrooted notion about how to emerge these kinds of projects as in “Be Viral”:

We did not publizee any of our social tools at all; all what we have done – we had made them available for people to use and then let them grow

And third – similar to second but from a technical point I think it is also remarkable that the success of BT social software initiatives is not based on an integrative approach but on a combination of different tools and services – behind this one can see an understanding of the tools and system offerings as a platform as in “Be a Platform”.

Unfortunately I could convince any of the BT guys (though trying very hard!) to join in at the discussions at the Enterprise 2.0 – hope this is not a result of Richard’s learnings “from his conference frenzy”.

Some more in-depth coverage and interpretations of Richard’s presentation can be found here:

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