Changing organisations via Enterprise 2.0 – Festo

Short notice that I blogged an english summary (and personal analysis) of the third pre-conference interview Joachim Niemeier did with Arne Schümann of Festo. It’s here at my personal site: “Changing organisations via Enterprise 2.0 – Festo“, while you can find the german language fulltext of the interview here at the Enterprise 2.0 Forum site: ”Fallbeispiel: Enterprise2.0@Festo – Biographie eines Projektes“.

Festo is an internationally operating german company which I choose to describe as a “family-owned global player” – the interview covered their approach towards Enterprise 2.0, their context, background, organizational setting and the obstacles and challenges they’re seeing. My main learning from the interview is that changing organisations via Enterprise 2.0 is both hard and (potentially) extremely rewarding – nothing new here for you, I guess … still, there are some interesting points in there, like i.e.

  • the role of hierarchy and how to deal with it when it must evolve into something like “guided autonomy” (and yes, I couldn’t resist to voice my doubts, would love to hear your thoughts)
  • my take on the small rant objection by Mr. Schümann that “most Enterprise 2.0 consultants are way too theoretical” – and some links to posts by me about the “E2.0 consulting value proposition”
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