What are the answers to the CIO’s objections?

In a recent post Bernard Lunn of RWW lists some objections CIOs have towards social media. He comes up with the following issues:

  1. Unpredictable scaling issues.
  2. Security against IP loss.
  3. Integration.
  4. Loss of productivity.
  5. Accidental brand damage.

I would say most of them derive from the software-as-a-service concept Bernard implies towards social media – but with all those open-source offerings like WordPress, DokuWiki et al, elgg, Laconi.ca and others the corporate implementation of social media is not limited towards SaaS concepts. And regarding the best-practices like for example BT they are mainly installing and implementing software tools rather than using services (- I think I will interview JP on this at our E2.0 FORUM this week!).

The security discussion regarding “the loss of intellectual property”, the productivity issues as well as the fear of “accidental brand damage” are in fact some critical aspects that need a mind change – but for these cases the co-workers are faced mostly (at least for Germany) with the situation that they are limited to access only certain business sites. Maybe you are laughing but I know of a bunch of companies that are not even able to access Facebook, Twitter or even XING. So here you have the situation you don’t even think about social media but about the danger of the Internet.

So bringing back the question towards this post and asking you, my dear respective Enterprise 2.0 experts, what are your answers to the CIO’s objections?