Enterprise 2.0 Community Meetup @ CeBIT (tickets inside)

Coming Friday the Enterprise 2.0 community (includes you, the reader of this community blog) is invited to meetup and mingle at the E2.0 Meetup on the CeBIT Webciety Area. I can tell you that I am definitely looking forward to this, especially after having been extremely busy the two days before.

So come over into the T-Systems lounge, listen to the panel discussion with Dion Hinchcliffe, Dr. Frank Schönefeld (T-Systems), Aidan Troy (IBM), Peter Fischer (Microsoft), Craig Hepburn (OpenText) and Sören Stamer (Coremedia) and get into the conversation with fellow Enterprise 2.0 people.

Please register at the Facebook event page if you want to participate (if you can’t be in Hanover for the CeBIT don’t worry – the CeBIT Webciety programme will probably be streamed online, follow Webciety news on Twitter to stay up to date). If you’re interested in coming to the event but need a ticket read on:

Participants of the E2.0 Meetup can receive a complimentary (free) ticket for CeBIT by following this procedure:

  1. Contact me (either via Twitter or Web) or comment/trackback this post if you need a ticket for the CeBIT. Please state your mail.
  2. You will receive a ticket code via mail.
  3. After a registration on the CeBIT website you will be sent an email
  4. There will be an PDF-file attached to the email
  5. Print this PDF-file.
  6. You have a one-day free ticket!
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