Upcoming: E20SUMMIT

Hello again, sleeping beauty that you are – Enterprise 2.0 community. I am glad to be back and to have some good news for you: I am your freshly appointed community manager, giving you company right until the upcoming E20SUMMIT in Frankfurt, Germany, 6.-8. Oct. 2009 and probably consecutive SUMMITs too.

When Thomas Koch and Björn Negelmann of Kongressmedia asked me about this task I didn’t need much time to ponder – I knew both of them from various Enterprise 2.0 and Web 2.0 events before, enjoyed their conferences several times and know that they’re both enablers and drivers of Enterprise 2.0 both in Germany and internationally. And we’re sharing enthusiasm for the opportunities that Enterprise 2.0 can bring and will cooperate now even closer to advance the field.

So, in parallel to me working as a freelance, independent enterprise collaboration consultant with frogpond I will also be your community manager, listening to your questions, ideas and contributions. And I will contribute some of those as well, and ask for your feedback. There’s lots of things on the slate, we’re planning to bring international “thought leaders” like Dion Hinchcliffe or Lee Bryant in touch with Enterprise 2.0-companies, -consultants, -scientists and -users – all this under the subline “E20SUMMIT – Improving Collaborative Performance”.

So join the conversation, of course here but also in the Facebook Groups Enterprise 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT Community. Moreover, there’s Xing and LinkedIn ready to “bond the Enterprise 2.0 Community”. And there’s Twitter too, follow me there for #e20summit updates and “just-in-time” information (sorry, some german tweets may be in the mix).

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