Pre-SUMMIT interview with Jeff Schick

After occupying roundabout 80% of the screen in my interview with Vassil Mladjov of Blogtronix, I am really glad that Jeff Schick, vice president social computing of IBM is featured a bit more in the interview below:

We talked about his views of Enterprise 2.0, the changes the social web brings to the corporate environment, working smarter with social software in the enterprise, how innovation may profit from social software enabled workspaces and how Enterprise 2.0 fits into the overall strategy of IBM. And later on Peter Schütt, key knowledge management person at IBM Deutschland GmbH is entering the room and the three of us talk about cultural differences between Europe and the U.S.

There are a lot of noteworthy things Jeff says, let me underline just some of them:

  • technologies for business purposes that improve performance – that’s Enterprise 2.0
  • the real E 2.0-RoI is in efficiency, competitiveness (yes, client satisfaction), and innovativeness
  • we’ll see much more adoption – a lot of drivers are combining here, like e.g. digital natives entering the workforce (and people bringing capabilities they’ve learned outside into organizations)
  • Jeff was talking about IBM citizens, not employees – I really like that quite a lot, it’s telling something about valuing (and respecting) the people inside your organization

ps. this was my first take of video interviewing at this year’s CeBIT, my questions sound a bit muffled, but anyway – it’s supposed to be more about the guest and so both camera and microphone were centered on Jeff.

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