Pre-SUMMIT interview with Vassil Mladjov

Next part of the CeBIT interviews – up on the slate is Vassil Mladjov of Blogtronix. Like in the interview with Craig Hepburn both of us had lots of fun (notice Vassil handing me a big pack of dollars for supporting further “independent consulting and analysis” …).

With Vassil I talked about the benefits of integrated platforms vs. best-of-breed solutions, his perspective on the european market for Enterprise 2.0, how to enter this space and how smaller vendors compare to the big solutions that are present as well.

See for yourself, and please excuse that the interviewer is occupying like 80% of the screen space, when recording this it looked OK …

Disclaimer: I was joking up there, no money was exchanged (and if it were we wouldn’t have taped it …)

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