Fresh and free – E 2.0 inbox contents (and more to come)

I had a very nice surprise today when I returned to the home office, two free mags waiting in the inbox:

Yes, both are german language titles, to the left it’s t3n, published by yeebase media– a magazine that runs the tagline “Open Source & Web” (did I say that these are german language publications …), and that deals a lot with content management, web development and Web 2.0 overall. Reason for me getting an issue for free is an article Björn and me are having in this issue, on the topic of Enterprise 2.0 myths.

To the right it’s DOK. – published by good source publishing. This is a bit more heavy and (E 2.0-)industry related (tagline is “technologies, strategies & services for digital documents”) stuff, a mix of best practices reports, smart articles (like when in the current issue my friend and co-Skype-Chatter Siegfried Hirsch is writing about Enterprise RSS or when Willms Buhse is explaining Enterprise 2.0 in easy answers to tricky questions), technology stuff and even research-minded pieces. And if you wonder what entitles me to a free copy – well I guess it has to do with me meeting DOK. editor Uwe Hentschel at this year’s CeBIT, ie. specifically the E20SUMMIT dinner meetup KongressMedia organized. Social capital

Now onto the more to come, as I am collecting and refining a lot of bookmarks in the space of Enterprise 2.0 I think it’s a good idea to share some of the better ones with you. Besides filling my regular delicious-account (things tagged Enterprise 2.0 get spliced into the enterprise2open feed already) and the regular diigo-frogpond account I installed an additional diigo account called e20summitenterprise2open, whose bookmarks will get automagically posted into this blog from now on.

Diigo is cute (yes, I learned a lot from Bertrand Duperrin in using Diigo) and offers a bit more than delicious, namely the opportunity to annotate and to expand bookmarks in a community. That said, the bookmarks posted will have some kind of short analysis (and probably highlighting and/or comments), and can also be further annotated and refined by you. And last thing to note, while certainly the topic of collaborative performance will seem to be prevalent (after all it’s the tagline for the SUMMIT), all things enterprise 2.0 might show up in the links. I guess this is no real problem, after all the bookmarks get tagged and are thus easy to digest anyway (I wonder if all my comments will be like that …).

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