Right in the middle of the E20 (r)evolution!

The headline of the post represents somehow the project background and conference expectations of the attendees at the third E20 FORUM in Cologne. Though still most of the attendees are coming from corporate communications, there are already some HR and org people at the conference. And for most of them it is not a question of whether to implement or how to promote the E20 idea to the management but how to conciliate the different exisiting E20 initiatives in the corporation and how to drive the further adoption of it on a enterprise-level. Breaking down the situation I would say that most of the attendees are at stage 2 of the evolution process I have explained in my last post. Fortunately we have chosen intentionally five case studies for the conference program that discuss the progress of the adoption on a enterprise level.

As the conference is still running I cannot yet make any conclusion about the key lessons learnt but we will publish some more results and eventually some videos in the near future. Especially from the introduction talk of Euan Semple who had just finished his talk. Here are some tweets with key statements of Euan (aka @euan):

  • enterprise20: #e20forum @euan 5 things to remember for managing the e20 revolution: trojan mice, patience, tolerance, ownership, leadership!
  • e_trude: #e20forum If we participate people in developing (for example) guidelines via wiki there will be no problem of implementation.
  • JoachimNiemeier: Euan Semple: Social media is effective for managers in managing risks #e20forum
  • JoachimNiemeier: @euan The usage of social media will allow managers much more influence #e20forum
  • JoachimNiemeier: @euan The perception of control most managers have is a false one #e20forum
  • JoachimNiemeier: RT @e_trude: #e20forum Euan Semple: “help people to connect outside their normal circles.”
  • e_trude: RT @JoachimNiemeier: Should everyone get involved in social media? from @euan – http://bit.ly/dkcoHd (expand) #e20forum
  • e_trude: #e20forum #e20f Euan Semple: “help people to connect outside their normal circles.”

Now we have a very lively discussion about the bouquet of initiatives at Deutsche Bank – the key statement of this presentation is the advice to provide easy-to-use tools (not the big framework implementation) so buttom-up initiatives are supported to emerge.

Image Caption: Jamil Ouaj, Deutsche Bank, in discussions with the attendees

While the conference is still running I am already thinking about focus for the Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT on Oct 26-28 in Frankfurt. Keeping on the structure of last year’s conference we will have two tracks again – one with expert talks and discussions and one with case studies. For the case study track I am actually looking for interesting cases and will be happy for people suggesting some interesting cases on this form.

The main theme for the conference is meant to capture the actual project issues of European E20 issues in autumn. As we are just learning that E20 is a kind of consolidation stage before enterprise the enterprise level the key of discussions must be around adoption but also how to drive the generation of business values by E20. Therefore the theme is defined around the following tagline: “Setting the path to an open and agile enterprise.” Besides the adoption issues that should be addressed mainly within the case study track topics seen behind the tagline are the following:

  • value generation from a transparent enterprise
  • fostering the potentials of the knowledge network
  • leadership & governance for E20 initiatives
  • driving transformation & business innovation
  • talent & skill management 2.0
  • personal social dashboards for the reduction of complexity

As this is a work in progress I am quite interested about thoughts and ideas on this first draft of important topics for the E20 discussion in autumn.