Recap of E2.0 practices at CSC

It’s not a pilot anymore. It was too successful to stay in pilot phase. 50% of the employees are joining the (pilot) project after 6 month. CSC started Enterprise 2.0 as a pilot project, but not as a small one like usual. The project was limited by time and not by focus. “A small pilot project with a limited amount of people doesn’t reflect the whole company” commented Mark Masterson.

CSC is a consultancy and IT technology company with 94,000 employees in more than 90 countries. The project started with a presentation for the top management. His advice was to be well prepared. You need to show that you understand the business. Than a CIO will listen and support an E20 project.

I guess it was the right decision to run the project as change management project and not as an IT project. The IT infrastructure is needed, but generally it’s not the most challenging part. To change the user behavior is the biggest challenge on projects.

Some of his suggestion to run a successful Enterprise 2.0 project:
• Do not start just to do collaboration. The target needs to bring value for the business like collapse time and distance.
• Involve top managers of local entities
• Start with content. Otherwise the people will have only one look and they are gone
• Face to face meetings are helpful
• Allow private content. It’s not burning time. IT helps to reach the business targets. People must be able to play and the company will earn the benefits.

Mark presented a well done project in a enjoyable way. It shows that you can’t plan to go viral, but you need to plan it well and you need enough resources.

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