Social Messaging – Killer App. for Enterprises 2.0?

Today Twitter is a mainstream application. Millions of people are using it for sharing information and networking, because it’s fast and useful. What does it mean for using social messaging in enterprises?

I think we’ll see the same development like on the web with Twitter. It will work in companies as well. I had the following topics in mind coming to this conclusion.


It’s very easy to use. Just a link and a very short introduction are needed to start. You don’t need training. Simplicity is one reason for a low acceptance threshold.

Nowadays people expecting news just in time when information appeared. Social messaging is the right tool to meet this requirement. The communication with social messaging is close to real time. Any new topics are spread out immediately.

Getting to the point
The number of characters is limit. It’s not possible to write long prose. So the authors are forces to write short and concisely. The readers are getting quickly the point of the message. Social messaging save time and the content is better.

A user just need to invite people to follow him/her and a network of people is set up. From that point they can start to share information or to interact with each other.

Company Indicator
Social messaging shows the pulse of the organization. You can easily see which topics are hot. It can be used by the employees not to miss important information or by the management to do the right decisions. It’s like making the kitchenette public.

Notice board
Everybody can write his/her own notice board. It can be used by the CEO or every employee. You just need to take care that the right people follow you or select the right authors to follow.

Several news channels in one
On TV/radio you are able to get information from one channel only at the same time. You need to switch, if you want to get information from several topics. With social messaging you are getting information about all topics you are interested in close to real time. You just need to follow the right guy or to monitor the right terms. A list with most used terms will help to identify new important news

Expert finder
Searching for topics you will easily find people which are writing a regularly about this topic and you can easily check whether they are creating useful content. You can just follow or contact these experts.

Chat is used in private live by a lot of people or by some companies. It’s really useful to communicate with other people, but the existing tools are not so good chatting with several people at the same time. On social messaging the user can easily decide whether he will chat with the community or with a certain person only. To find older posts is also possible. Older posts are stored locally on chatting tools.

The size of the company doesn’t matter. It can be used easily from a company with 5 people or a big group can use it. It’s only a matter of some server capacity and memory.

Social messaging is a real good connector and communicator. It’s probably the best news board which can be used in a company today. We will see it in a lot of companies soon.

We are providing a seminar in Germany about social messaging. Please, use this link for more information:

“Social messaging im Unternehmen”, 13.July 2010 in Frankfurt

I would like to know your optinion. Therefore I created a poll about this topic.
Do you think that social messaging will be the killer application of Enterprise 2.0?

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