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The Enterprise 2.0 Forum in Paris this week started with a review of the Boston event two weeks ago by Richard Collin and Bertrand Duperrin. They introduced some Enterprise 2.0 best practices. One example was the successful CSC Project. SCS started Enterprise 2.0 as a pilot project and reached round about 45.000 of their 90.000 employees after 6 month. You can read some more details on my article: Recap of the E20 practices at csc

The Boston organizers did a survey about the challenges of E20 adoption with the following results:

  1. Resistance to change 52%
  2. Difficulty in measuring ROI 42%
  3. Integrating with existing technologies 41%
  4. Security concerns 32%
  5. Budget 25%
  6. Product knowledge 23%
  7. Tools not enterprise ready 22%

Major topics are the resistance to change and the difficulty to measure ROI. Budget is only for a quarter of the companies a problem. You can see on this result that it’s very important to run an E20 project as a change management project. Motivation of the employees is the key for success.

Measuring ROI is still a problem. It’s possible on some topics like reducing meetings etc. but it’s difficult to show a complete picture. Top management would like to see these figures, but it’s probably not the best way to examine only figures like the ROI.

The quotation of JP Rangaswani described it probably the right way: “I’ve never seen a document describing the ROI of restrooms or urinals.” So it’s mandatory to use Enterprise 2.0, but I think the management won’t approve E20 projects just because of a statement like this. We need to continue describing the ROI as good as possible.

On the afternoon I joined the open space of the event. Culture change and the adoption process for E20 was the result of the brainstorming to prepare the workshop of the groups.

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