Blazing the trail for E 2.0

The English version of the printed program brochure for our Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT is currently being produced, and we finally had Ronna Porter, a native speaker, check it for mistakes. Obviously, our nice and well-invented conference theme “Setting the path towards an open and agile enterprise” is not 100% idiomatic. If only we had realized that several months earlier 😉

She suggested the very vivid expression “Blazing the trail for an open and agile enterprise” instead. I quite like that because it creates a very strong picture in my mind, reminding me of flames and of achieving something only be putting effort and passion in it. And transforming from a traditional corporation to an Enterprise 2.0 is certainly not a walk in the park: It requires major changes, like evolving from a hierarchy to a flat organization, from control to bottom-up, from keeping knowledge secret to sharing it and so on and so forth.

Anyway, I hope that none of you English native speakers out there are bothered too much by our Denglish title…and next year we will involve Ronna a little earlier to blaze the the trail for Enterprise 2.0