Should Enterprise 2.0 address hierarchy?

Enterprise 2.0 culture is open, democratic, collaborative and addresses a flat hierarchy, but the reality in companies is mostly different nowadays. Generally the culture is hierarchical and based on control. Most of the decision needs an (or more) approval and communication is a management topic.

At the beginning of an Enterprise 2.0 project you need to sell it first to the management. It’s easy, if the person is open and likes the new way of working, but that’s often not the case. A lot of times management is afraid to lose control. They won’t approve the project, if their concerns won’t be taken seriously?

Should the management get some control?
That’s the question? To run an Enterprise project open and self organizing is for sure the best way, but it doesn’t help you to go for this approach, if you won’t get the approval. There are probably some other reasons to leave the path of the pure Enterprise idea. Employees need to read some information on each case for example.

I visited Carsten Rossi from Kuhn, Kammann & Kuhn this week to talk about their Social Messaging Tool Heart of Co. His comment regarding this topic: “We try to add features to address management concerns to our product. They are useful and it helps to convince the decision makers”

I like some of these features. You can have a news feed which can’t be removed from the workspace by the employees. So the company is able to send important information to all employees and don’t need to switch to e-mail.

The other feature is for very important information. The management can send messages to every workspace and this message won’t disappear until the employee confirmed it.

With these kinds of features you won’t have Enterprise 2.0 in pure play, but I think it helps management and employees.

Heart of Co. is part of our Social Messaging Vendor study which will be available in October.

Some more ideas or comments about this topic are welcome.

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