Call-For-Participation for the Open Space Workshop

Good news – we have opened up our “open space workshop” also to not-yet attendees. While the open space workshop at last year’s conference was structured by the open issues and questions of only conference attendees, we have re-defined the concept for this year’s workshop. With today’s “call for topics” everybody can suggest a session topic for the workshop. We have decided to give away five sessions to be defined and selected by the public.

So if you want still to take an active part in the Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT, come on and join the bandwaggon … and suggest a topic! Until Friday we are collecting and publishing all the suggested topics – on Friday afternoon we want to invite you all for the public voting of the topics. And the end those five sessions that have gathered the most votes will be granted a free participation for the conference.

See the conference webpage for more information: