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We are discussing many topics talking about Enterprise 2.0 adoption, but IT was brushed a little bit under the carpet on the actual debates. I agree that other topics like motivation, strategy, communication or culture are very important, but the functionality of the used solution must work properly as well to run successful E20 projects.

There are several topics you need to think about:

  • Usability
    The adaption of Enterprise 2.0 projects is addicted on the acceptance of the employees. They won’t accept it, if they do have problems working with the tools. They need to find all menus easily and the needed actions have to work. Tools with a bad usability will make it difficult to run a successful project.
  • Images, video’s and documents
    Some tools don’t really support to add documents or multimedia files to an article. You need to store the file somewhere, copy the link out of the properties and then you can add it with the link to the article. Good solutions do have a function to add images, documents etc. to the document. You need just to browse on you disc and that’s it.

    People like videos a lot, like you can see on Youtube, but videos exist in many formats. So users can’t add a video, if the solution doesn’t support the format of the video. Videos probably must be converted, if they are available in formats that are not supported. The user should be able just to add a video and not taking care of the video format

  • Search
    Search is always a killer criteria talking about user acceptance. A good search is a must nowadays.
  • History
    People are used to find pages they visited with the browser through the history. It’s helpful for E2.0 adaption as well
  • Archiving
    Sometime user need to store some information to use it later. An archive function can address this requirement.
  • Export function
    Tools won’t be continued or the vendor will no longer continue its business. Some reasons to switch to another system and there are probably some more. It will be difficult to switch, if you can’t export the content. Then it is still difficult to change, but without an export function it will be nightmare.
  • Data privacy and information security
    For companies it’s important to take care about this topic. So you need to be sure that all demands regarding these topics are fulfilled.

These and some other topics like the account management, interfaces and integration services with other systems, backup management, statistic etc. which need deep understanding of IT technology. So it can be an expensive decision to select the wrong tool and it can jeopardize the success of the Projects

You can read the article of Michael Idinopulos about these topics on Enterprise Social Software Blog with some interesting thoughts: Social softare adoption – When good companies doe bad things

Knowledge is always the key for decision. That’s the reason N:Sight runs vendor studies. The Social Messaging Vendor study is available soon and we now started to analyze Enterprise 2.0 Suites.

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