Where do we stand in regards to the “E20 evolution”? – Some thoughts …

But talking about the Enterprise 2.0 “evolution” we also have to distinguish between the E20 reality and the E20 visions – as defined by the evangelists in this field. For the E20 reality I would say that (at least for the German
area) the projects around the topic of Enterprise 2.0 are not yet spinning the big wheel. They are not starting with the objective to change and transform the whole enterprise, but to enhance and improve specific areas of the enterprise by the use of new forms of collaboration and knowledge sharing. Therefore these projects are also not always titled as E20 projects. The cultural change process is not the key objective of these projects but is one of the implicit effects that go along with the success of these projects.

The visionary notion of E20 is already defined on a wider scope – including the transformation of the business model (aka Open Innovation) and the integration of the customer and partner in collaborative approaches (aka SocialCRM). But for the most E20 practioneers these approaches are out of their scope.

So as a conclusion I would say the topic of Enterprise 2.0 is “in between”.

Well – this is my view. What about yours?

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