Some “old fashioned” Interfaces needed

Wednesday I did a presentation at the Twittwoch in Cologne and presented our Social Messaging (Micro blogging and sharing) study. I showed some of the features and explained why we chose them. The input options of the solutions was one of these examples.

I mentioned options like sending an e-mail or sms to create status updates. Integration into Microsoft Office is also supported by some solutions. It sounds probably a little bit strange and old fashioned for people who are using Twitter, Foursquare and iPhones on a daily base, but we think that are still good reasons to offer these options.

The user acceptance is very important for Enterprise 20 adoption. The barrier to work with the tools needs to be as low as possible and a good usability is mandatory. Using all these fancy and useful apps it’s easy to forget that not all people are doing the same.

I am pretty sure that most of the employees don’t have a smart phone. The number of these devices is increasing, but most of the people are using “normal” cell phones. It’s hard to browse web pages with these phones and apps are not available, but it’s possible to send and receive sms. So a mobile access is easily possible for everybody.

The other reason to offer these functions is that the people are used to work with sms, e-mail and Microsoft office. So there is no barrier to start working with a Social Messaging solution. For sure it’s also not a problem with a web interface like on Twitter with an update field, but it’s a good approach to offer some “traditional ways” of posting content.

Working for the future it’s recommendable looking back from time to time. Not everybody will be fast enough to follow you. And we should pull as much as possible with us and not the fast ones only.

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  • Dietmar Zipfel

    Right! I would give strong support to this view. SMS Input and e-mail gateways are very important to get all people into the E2.0 information flow and to let nobody uninformed because of technical problems or missing device features.

    And if you look further and want to include maschines into the 2.0 information flow (e.g. for alarm messages etc.) you should consider to support even more gateways.