E20 as a mean to support the organizational performance goals of HR

As already mentioned in my recent blog post we are strongly heading towards a more HR und Organizational Development driven discussion at our events like the E20 SUMMIT and the German IOM SUMMIT. I therefore took my Easter break to digg down a little bit into the current understanding of the HR and OD views of the enterprise. And surprise, surprise – HR and OD are reaching out for the same direction as E20 and Social Business but only from the other end.

I am half through the pre-Social-Era collection on essays on the “Future of Human Resource Management” by Losey/Meisinger/Ulrich and besides the re-definition of the HR discipline there is a strong tendence towards a more agile and rather on capabilities than structure built organization. One essay by Russ Roberts and Paul Hirsch on the “Evolution and Revolution in the Twenty-First Century: Revolutionary New Rules for Organzations and Managing Human Resources” stroke me specifically in regards to the relation with the E20 world.

The authors claim the need for the drive towards organizational effectiveness and performance. They define five value factors enterprises need to appoint on their future agenda:

  • Enabling capable and courageous leadership
  • Building a very strong and adaptive organizational culture
  • Strengthening organizational productivity and performance
  • Fostering creative innovations, products, and solutions
  • Building exceptionally high customer loyalty

These five value factors match quite well with the E20/Social Business agenda. The only thing there is that the E20/Social Business movement is coming the other way around. It provides 1) the means (technology) to enable the change process on an effective and efficient scale (that HR/OD could not achieve with long term change projects before). And 2) the technology is even a driver for the change itself. In a recent German post on our N:Sight Research I have explained my views on the interdependent relation of E20 and OD.

Together with practice experts of our E20 Community we are just about to elaborate a checklist of OD task along the maturity cycle of an E20 project. We are trying to work out specific action implications on different maturity stages.

The following image shows the structure of our approach: