Dion Hinchcliffe: Most of the companies are still doing tactical experiments!

It’s again two weeks ago that I have met Dion Hinchcliffe in Berlin’s hot event location (the NHow Berlin) to talk about his new book. The book is done in co-authorship with Peter Kim and is exploring the results of some high-class best-practices in the world of social business (means using social technology internally as well as externally to enhance business processes). So it explains very well the needed integrative and holistic approach to the both sides when trying to make a success with social technology.

Within the interview we also discussed the question about the state of the E20/Social Business evolution and Dion stated that “most of the companies are still finding in their way and doing tactical experiments”. But he also sees a broad adoption move within the next year.

(see also his recent article on the state of E20/Social Business in Germany!)