Adoption & Engagement Management as Key Excellence Factors for the E20 Project

E20 success depends on systematic adoption & engagement management

As discussed in my post yesterday the call is out there to make the social business transformation happen and it’s time to advance the distinguished discussion on the how to define the right project roadmap for putting the social business model in place. While I am writing quite a lot about the challenges for corporations to enter the business transformation stage (and also like to invite you on our E20 Meetup & Google+ Hangout on Thursday night!), the majority of projects are still struggling on the tactical level with the piloting and maturity stage.

Adoption & Engagement Management as Key Excellence Factors for the E20 Project

Adoption & Engagement Management as Key Excellence Factors for the E20 Project

Though the objectives for these projects might be clearly defined, the systematic approach to the adoption and engagement management is often underestimated. At our events I quite often came along projects that took off like a “thunderstorm” within a selected peer group, but then lost track in the course of the wider adoption process. A lot of mismanagement goes along with the missed alignment of the project purpose and approach with the daily collaboration and information pains of the subsequent stakeholders.

As we learned also at E20 SUMMIT in February widely spread “adoption” of socially enhanced work techniques and “engagement” in socially extended working environments are not emerging naturally, but are a cause of a systematic project management where the some good practices are partly discussed at our former events, but still need to be explored more.

Therefore I am happy that we are supporting blogSpirit on an interesting event on October 18th in Paris. With Agefi (Laetitia Menesguen Le Guillou), Auchan (Isabelle Vandecrux), Orange (Christophe Ruffin), Société Generale (Julien Grandet), Soleilles Cowork (Christine Lebreton), Anthony Poncier (Publicis Consultants), Richard Collin (NextModernity), Véronique Reille-Soult Agency (910), Olivier Réaud (In Principo), Arnaud Rayrole (Lecko) – they have invited a very nice list of experts and practioneers to discuss the project management of setting up, launching and growing a social business initiative!

To smoothe the transition towards “Social Business” blogSpirit proposes a comprehensive architecture composed of a community platform, a methodology, a set of services and a powerful network of partners that will also announced at this Kickoff event. I am very much looking forward to this event (in which I will be participating) as it is another gathering of the E20 and Social Business crowd in Paris. If you are Paris based – be sure to secure your seat!


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