Introducing Sebastian Thielke as a new contributor to this blog!

When we startet this blog project about Enterprise 2.0, we always had the vision of including more than our own views on the topic. Every now and then we already had some exciting contributors like Mark Masterson, Alexander Stocker, Martin Koser or Frank Hamm adding new perspectives to the discussion.

As Björn will focus a little bit more on the OD topic we are going to extend the contributor’s team to some more people that I will introduce to you in the course of the next weeks.

To start off I like to welcome Sebastian Thielke as a new contributor to this blog. Sebastian already supported us as E20 SUMMIT Ambassador for the last Paris show in February. He is an active curator of the E2.0 and Social Business discussions at his project “Do the Enterprise 2.0!”, via his Google+ Stream and his Twitter updates.

We are looking forward to Sebastian’s contributions and would like to provide him a warm welcome.

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  • Sebastian Thielke

    Many thanks for the warm welcome!

    Thanks a lot to all of you at the enterprise 2.0 blog. It is an honor for me to be a part of this amzing blogging team. I hope I could contribute some interesting posts about Enterprise 2.0, Social Business and Enterprise Social Networks.

    If you have any suggestions, questions or information to share please don’t hesitate to conntact me. I am interested in any discution about and around the named topics.

    Looking forward to a good time, another awesome E20Summit in Paris 2013 and to some unique and creative dialogs.

    Hope to read you soon.

    Best regards