Off to a new #e20s season!

Every year in September we are waking up out of our “long summer sleeping and dreaming” to restart the #e20s season and re-ignite the discussions on how “social” is changing the way organizations are structured and doing business in the future. As last year we have planned a firework of activities like E20 Meetups in Paris, Brussels, Zuerich and Frankfurt as well as virtual happenings to enforster the discussions and the exchange of the community.

We are very much looking forward to this new season as we firmly believe that there will be remarkable changes within the next six month. Why? Because the financial constraints will force the traditional businesses to re-invent themselves, because new social enhanced techniques are penetrating the organization, because the internal social media enthusiast are taking there chance to use the growing momentum of their social initiatives to loudly question traditional ways of working, because the Facebook generation is asking for a far more socially enhanced company (or they will leave!), because “social” has changed work as the state of mindthere are so many reasons on why there is no way to return to any traditional way of working!

So stay tuned for the updates and be invited to join our upcoming discussions. As a start let’s put together all the ideas on what projects leads have to consider in moving the (r)evolution forward within the next six month?