Look out! – An outlook.

I think it is time – time for me to contribute my part to the E20 blog. First of all I want to thank everyone for the good wishes and the warm welcome at the E20 blog team.

I want to give you a small overview where our journey will take us.

Some may ask: Who is this Sebastian Thielke and how did he get in touch with Enterprise 2.0 and Social Business? This question could be answer short and simple: There was a dire need for solving some internal communication issues within a certain company and they asked me if I could solve it. I said yes and ended up with Enterprise 2.0 and Social Business. By the way the problem was solved.  At all I could say I am into these topics for about five years now.

Some others may ask: Where will you take us? I would reply: Deep into the sea of social customer relation management, human resources aspects, network concepts, enterprise microblogging and the whole cultural change features of Enterprise 2.0 and Social Business. Why that? Cause I love it.

Let me give you a brief insight what topics to expect from me within the next weeks:

  • SCRM and HR – not so much different systems
  • An interesting discussion – Do we need a SCRM if the product/service is perfect? (recently on Twitter)
  • Could you deliver? – The service aspect of tools of the digital workplace (inspired by the “E20 Expert talk- Digital workplace@oscarberg)
  • Can you handle it? – Digital Illiteracy (inspired by the “E20 Expert talk- Digital workplace@anadatagirl)
  • JiveWorld and  Dreamforce – In-house tradeshows or ‘better practice use case’ summits?

With this small introduction I want to wish all of you a wonderful weekend and hope I inspired some of you and get some feedback for me as an input.

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Sebastian Thielke

Sebastian Thielke

Sebastian Thielke ist Junior Consultant bei der Eck Consulting Group und entwickelt strategische Konzepte für Social Media sowie Social Business und Enterprise 2.0. Seinen B.A. in Kommunikationswissenschaften und Anglistik schloss er erfolgreich an der Universität Greifswald ab. In Zusammenarbeit mit OZEANEUM Stralsund GmbH schrieb er seine Abschlussarbeit zum Thema Enterprise 2.0 und internes Microblogging. Bei der Engel & Zimmermann AG schloss er seine Ausbildung zum Junior PR Berater ab. Die umfassende strategische Integration von Social Media und Social Software sowie die Schulung von Unternehmensmitarbeitern stehen im Fokus seiner Arbeit. Er ist Wegbereiter und Wandelbegleiter im Transformationsprozess von Unternehmen zu einem Social Business.