Thomas Pichon: Success with social technologies needs more than gut instinct

In addition to my posting two weeks ago I have recorded a little interview with Thomas Pichon from blogspirit. Thomas is the engagement and gamification expert at blogSpirit, an enterprise social network solutions provider from Paris (Disclaimer: and again supporter of E20 SUMMIT 2013), as well as a highly engaged member of the Paris E20 “pack”.

As blogSpirit is organizing a nice event next week, Thomas and I had a little chat about the success factors for E20 projects:

The following aspects from the interviews are IMHO very important:

  • The implementation needs to have a strong bond to the business process! Only if the E20 projects has a process-related approach from the start, it will prove it business value right away and support the discussion about a further implementation and adoption.
  • The E20 adoption needs a systematic approach of whom to address at which stage with the project. Driving the project by gut instinct might result into success, but only if the gut instinct is grounded naturally on a systematic approach.
  • The E20 adoption must underpinned by a change of leadership culture – not in total but at least partially.