Yves Darnige: Focus on a process-driven enablement of the line of businesses!

At the moment we hardly can keep track with the interesting discussions we are undergoing about the further evolutions of the “social enterprise thing”. While we are looking forward to our HR and HCM 2.0 Hangout tomorrow, I still need to publish the recording of the video interview with Yves Darnige, Head of Social Business Marketing EMEA, from two weeks ago.

In this breakfast interview at the Café Au Père Tranquille (which is highly recommended to have a nice start into the day in Paris) Yves Darnige pointed out the importance of involving HR managers and departments in order to provide a needed transformation to make Enterprise 2.0 initiatives successful.

He sees the following key challenges for the transformation to be addressed by senior management out of HR and the line of businesses:

  1. Alignment of E20 initiative with the corporate processes and culture
  2. Building up a social trust (a goodwill for the transformation)
  3. Facilitation of the engagement
  4. Measurement of social performance and the success of the Enterprise 2.0 initiative

In our discussion Yves emphazised the “alignment” of the E20 initiative and the E20 “enablement” of the “line of business” (hereby relating to a process-driven objective of the E20 initiative) as a key for the success and a critical task for all the projects at the moment.

What do you think on the statement of Yves? I fully acknowledge the differenciation of the “process-driven” enablement as first steps which leads to the transformation in the subsequent step.