The Santa Sleigh Model

Well, it’s Christmas time – the most holly and jolly time of the year. People seem to be friendlier and try to get along with each other. Overall it is a time of harmony and joy. I want to embrance this particular moment as an opportunity to look at our inner child and an interesting approach of collaboration, communication and interaction.

Once we all loved the wonderful image of Santa in his sleigh at the night sky fulfilling the dreams of million and millions of children all over the world. If we look at this special image from a business point of view we would say AWESOMENESS: Delivering goods within one night all over the world. But we all know that this image is pure fantasy,  isn’t it? Here is my concept of a holly and jolly awesomeness model of delivering faster or better said getting much better at your business.

The Santa Sleigh Model

You know where I am trying to take you, don’t you? Let’s look at a company as if it were Santa’s sleigh with all the reindeers. This model and point of view will work on every level reaching from the single worker to worker to the company unit to unit communication, collaboration and interaction.

As simple as it is: Every part of the company pulls the sleigh called company goals. Lets take a look at Santa. He wants to deliver all gifts to all children all over the world just in time in one night. For companies these goals may differ a little. But at all we could say they want to become better and even a little bit like fast deliver Santa.

Weak ties and Enterprise Social Networks

But how does Santa’s system work? Right with the power of collaboration and communication! Every reindeer takes its specific position and is connected to the reindeer in front, aside and behind. Every move the reindeer does has an effect on the moves of the others. To work together effectively every reindeer will look and react to the others.

But how do they know what the other do? Cause of their connections. If we but this to the model to a business we could easily find that connections between people, company units, C-suites and common workers are helping people to cooperate, communicate und interact more effectively. These connections have different approaches. They reach from weak ties of coworkers to the specialized connections within certain Enterprise Social Networks. And they all have one goal: Making the company perform much better. Using these connections will lead to a rise of effectiveness, creation, innovation and even to an improvement of simple communication.

Simply said…

If you want your company to be better or nearly effective as Santa’s sleigh, use connections and use the tools of collaboration. Santa’s Sleigh is a wonderful picture of a holistic social approach of collaboration and communication: All reindeers pulling the sleigh into one direction in a fantastic speed to reach an amazing goal. It is a picture that is worth to be transferred to companies.

I am wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I am looking forward to a fantastic year of Social Business and Enterprise 2.0, maybe a Santa Sleigh Model year?!

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Sebastian Thielke

Sebastian Thielke

Sebastian Thielke ist Junior Consultant bei der Eck Consulting Group und entwickelt strategische Konzepte für Social Media sowie Social Business und Enterprise 2.0. Seinen B.A. in Kommunikationswissenschaften und Anglistik schloss er erfolgreich an der Universität Greifswald ab. In Zusammenarbeit mit OZEANEUM Stralsund GmbH schrieb er seine Abschlussarbeit zum Thema Enterprise 2.0 und internes Microblogging. Bei der Engel & Zimmermann AG schloss er seine Ausbildung zum Junior PR Berater ab. Die umfassende strategische Integration von Social Media und Social Software sowie die Schulung von Unternehmensmitarbeitern stehen im Fokus seiner Arbeit. Er ist Wegbereiter und Wandelbegleiter im Transformationsprozess von Unternehmen zu einem Social Business.