Medley of Statements on the Social Enterprise (R)Evolution

During the last months I have collected some statements of our E20 SUMMIT partners regarding news on their solutions, evaluations of the Social Business evolutions and statements on success factors for the adoption of Social Technology and transformation towards an social enterprise.

We have selected some snippets of these videos and produced a little “medley of statements” that covers some nice statements on the E20 project assessment, the challenge of the adoption, the key success factors for the transformation, the impact of Social Business on the whole company and the needed consideration of an integrated view on the social technology stack:

The whole collection of videos can be found in the following:

[video_playlist title=”#e20s Interviews” id=”PL4cImhU4Kilt6D3cOoAP6aiK6iNFrp8rE” maxresults=”20″ thumb_size=”small” class=”youtube_playlist”]

The collection is also integrated on the event website as well as in our video archive with the additional videos of the “#e20s Exoert Talks”.