Social Workplace Adoption and how-to succeed with Social!

One of the key topics at the upcoming E20 Summit 2014 in Paris is the “Social Workplace Adoption”. Besides all the other topics that need to be discussed the social adoption plan is in my opinion the by far most important aspect in this game. In comparison to the other IT systems the value of social tools only emerge from its use. Therefore without any use there is no benefit of the platform.

And in regards to how to define best the adoption strategy and plan I would like to share the following video with you. Kai Riemer, a professor at University of Sydney, gave a keynote at the CIO Strategy Summit last year. In his speech Kai mentioned some very interesting points I would like to highlight here:

  • We have to go away to see implementations of new plattforms primary from a product point of view.
  • Your employees need to get a better idea of your vision and to understand the bigger picture on how to change current architectures
  • A more flexible way to implement changes and new systems is needed. Like we see it in the agile development space.
  • The feedback coming back from your employees need to influence the changes. In this case it is more likely that your employees work with the new plattforms.
  • You have to accept to fail at some point and see it as opportunity to learn and improve your plan.
  • Promote your vision and your ideas to your employees. Teach and educate them not only to use the new ways to work but also to understand the benefits for them personaly and for the company.
  • The best way to get this to work is that the changes makes sense.

What are your thoughts on that? What is for you the key to succeed?

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Andreas Schulze-Kopp
Andreas Schulze-Kopp ist als Enterprise 2.0 Berater tätig und begleitet Unternehmen auf ihrem Weg zum Social Business. Von der Anfangsanalyse über die potentiellen Prozessoptimierungen, bis zur Einführung und dem Coaching der Mitarbeiter. Durch Euphorie, Begeisterung und dem Aufzeigen von Mehrwerten, versucht er Unternehmen von der ständig stärker werdenden Bedeutung einer internen sozialen Kommunikationsstruktur zu überzeugen und zu begeistern. Außerdem ist er aktiver Blogger und als zertifizierter Social Media Manager (SMA) ein bekennender Fan der sozialen Netzwerke. Außerdem ist er Autor des Fachbuches 'Enterprise 2.0: Social Software auf dem Vormarsch - Gekommen, um zu bleiben', Blogger auf dem Enterprise 2.0 Blog und Co-Moderator der Enterprise 2.0 Gruppe auf Xing und auf Google+.