Good signs for #e20s 2014 becoming a blast!

As said before the settng up of conference program for the Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT (#e20s) is an evolutionary process – like the evolutionary journey to the “Social Enterprise” itself! Starting with a lot of discussions with our peers and contacts we trying to work out what are the most relevant project issues to be discussed. From this starting point we are always trying to find interesting speakers and new as well as relevant case studies to be discussed at the event.

Selection of Speakers at #e20s

As we are now approaching the finishing line for the lining-up of this year’s conference program I am happy to say that we are very much excited about this year’s result. Mostly conference program are evaluated by their keynotes – and though also our keynote speaker are very exciting – the key idea behind #e20s is not the presentation of some first class keynotes and second class session speakers but to have a holistic message.

While the keynotes are adressing some general and overall topics, the details will be discussed on the sessions at #e20s – like at this one, this one or that one! This year’s conference program is very much about case studies / practices and their challenges and solving approaches in regards to support and enable specific business objectives. Additionally the expertise track is discussing some specific project issues like the engagement/adoption management, the change management, the alignment of social with processes, the technological integration of social in the digital workplace and the ideas for the design of new leadership and organizational models. While these issues might not be so “new”, they still not being solved and critical to the success of the projects and initiatives. The objective for this year’s conference is that we gather the right people to collect the most relevant ideas to advance the projects in these matters! And so far I think we are on a good track!

Therefore I like to send out this message today – if you are still available on Feb 11 & 12 (as well as on Feb 10 for the additional masterclass workshops), do not miss the opportunity to join in at this gathering in Paris. With all the provided insights from the speakers as well as the interactive formats like the LEGO Serious Play, the Management 2.0 Hackathon and the interactive roundtable workshop – sorry to say but it’ll be a blast!