Spin Doctoring #E20S in anticipation to the main event

So here we are, 2014. Happy New Year everybody.

A short intro then. I’m Rogier Noort, a Dutch guy living in Belgium (joining a German company for a conference in France). My professional tech roots lie in IT. Here I started in network management and worked through website management towards content management and support. I always liked the human aspect more than the technical one, so I felt more at home at the front-end of things, the business end.

When I learned the true meaning of Social Business (by reading Dion Hinchcliffe’s Social Business by Design – see this interview on the book) I felt a strong connection and realised I’ve been doing this in one form or another for years. But now we can name it and put it into its proper context.

When I had the opportunity to visit E20S in 2013 I went, and was surprised by the experts and knowledge, and, most importantly, the community.

2013 ended with an unexpected Christmas gift: An invitation to join the Kongress Media team for the Enterprise 2.0 Summit 2014. I was delighted to be asked and said “Yes” on the spot.

I’ll be mainly supporting the team on Social Media and this blog, and I’m looking forward to the coming month and the conference itself.


For me the expectations of this years conference are pretty high. Kongress Media set a good standard last year, and I believe this could be hard to beat. However, judging from the program and it’s theme “Getting Social Enterprise Ready”, I’d say there is some serious effort going on the make the 2014 edition of the E20 Summit as interesting, if not more so, than last year.

As far as I can tell, what Kongress Media has done, is evolve the conference along with it’s audience and Social Business as a whole.

Last year the emphasis lay on culture and the main point was “Culture eats Strategy for Lunch”. We learned a lot about why a business wants (or needs) to start the journey into social. Experts talked about the pitfalls and lessons learned, the do’s and dont’s when starting up and, indeed, creating the right culture, or transforming your current one.

For 2014 a more practical, real world or maybe a more mature approach to Social Business can be expected. Of course the basics shall be covered too, there will always be people in the audience who are at the beginning of this wonderful journey.

Enable, Engage, Align

This year there is a strong focus on enabling a business to pursue the journey. To help with the engagement which is needed and the alignment of the business objectives with the social efforts.

The biggest difference might be the perspective with which the information is given, and this I understood from Bjoern when he explained his idea about the conference.

Where last year we were presented with a bottom-up perspective of Social Business, this year we look at a more top-down perspective. Of course, this is relative, because most information and knowledge about the implementation (or creation) of Social Business has to work on all levels, and both ways.

Oh, and we get to play with Lego again and again, how about that.

All this is presented by a great line-up of speakers, a list which is too long, but I know some of them personally and I must say.., I am looking forward to this.

All in all, and I’m trying to be as unbiased as possible here, I believe this event is a must attend event for everyone who has an interest in Social Business.

I hope to meet you there in the flesh. But, in the mean time, join us on Twitter or Google+.

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Rogier Noort
I'm a Social Business addict coming from the technical depths of IT and rising from these dark ages, through web and social, to the enlightened field of Social Business. Also blogger, podcaster, talker and listener.