What are your expectations for the #e20s 2014?

We asked this question as part of the pre-Summit interviews. It’s good to see that community (networking, re-acquaint with old friends) is important, as well as sharing and gaining knowledge. This is what we aim for.

Here are the results, in no particular order.

Emanuele Quintareli

e20-emanuele-quintarelliI’ve been lucky enough to attend a number of editions of the Enterprise 2.0 Summit and every year I had some kind of enlightenment and thought provoking discussion that helped me gain a more mature perspective on this fascinating social transformation journey the market is experiencing. Other than catching up with leading experts, thought-leaders and friends, my expectations for this year are twofold:

  • Understanding how much the quantitative results we collected in Italy resonate with other European and non European countries to get a more international view of where to focus the change effort
  • Searching for new success stories at the intersection of collaboration and business.

I’m sure my bag will be again full of precious ideas once I’ll be back from Paris.

Emanuele’s interview

Jane McConnell

e20-jane-mcconnellThis will be the third year running that I have been involved in the E2.0 Summit in Europe and what I really want to see – and what I believe attendees want to hear – is how organizations are bringing  about change, how their management and workforces are moving to more collaborative ways of working.

I like very much Simon Sinek’s Why, How and What model and his message “Start with the Why”. However, it is clear that the Why – why we need change – has been understood. Now we need to focus on the How and the What. That’s what I expect from this year’s Summit.

Jane’s interview

Dion Hinchcliffe

e20-dion-hinchcliffeI’m really looking forward to seeing what we’ve learned in the last year, as we reach an all-time high water mark of maturity in large-scale social enterprise efforts. Plus seeing all the talented people in the industry helping make it happen.

They make #e20s a must-attend every year.

Dion’s interview

Peter Vander Auwera

e20-peter-vander-auweraMy hope is that as a collective we can move beyond the abstraction level of social, organizational, and transformative concepts, ideas and science. I’d love to see that we reach a tipping point where we pay more attention for the humanistic, self-driving and self-motivating energies of human beings, where being is our basis and reference point for leading why and what and how we shake the tree of organizational culture and practices.

As David Gelernter recently said: “A world that is intimidated by science and bored sick with cynical, empty “postmodernism” desperately needs a new subjectivist, humanist, individualist worldview now—not just scattered protests but a growing movement, a cry from the heart.”

Peter’s interview

Claire Flanagan

e20s-claire-flanaganThese conferences are well respected in the industry and organized with rich, engaging content.

I’m looking forward to network and learn from my colleagues across the globe.

Claire’s interview

Dan Pontefract

e20-dan-pontefractLike any good conference, I fully intend to leave having rekindled online relationships through overdue face-to-face interactions … as well as creating new relationships in this face-to-face setting so that I can then take them back with me to Vancouver and continue to hone and build through online methods.

As I like to live by, “We’re not here to see through each other; we’re here to see each other through.”

Dan’s interview

Rachel Happe

e20-rachel-happeI am excited to facilitate the workshop on internal community management. In 2013 we developed, together with the BASF community team, a training course that combines more traditional learning (presentations) with templates that allow people to immediately put what they learn into practice and share in a social environment so participants can get feedback from each other.

So I’m excited to get direct feedback on that but the speaker list is incredible and full of both old friends and people I have been wanting to meet so I’m really looking forward to connecting with a lot of people.

Rachel’s interview

Bernard Marie Chiquet

e20-bernard-marie-chiquetI have no expectation.

Just wanted to share Holacracy technology with those who may be curious to know more about it. I am also curious and would love to meet pioneers leaving the org. status-quo as well in other fields. I really hope my conference will help people to organize their business differently if they choose to.

Bernard’s interview

Michel Ezran
  • e20s-michel-ezranDeep feedback from concrete customer experiences
  • Not a discussion among specialists belonging to the same “small world”
  • Have fun, meet people

Michel’s interview

We hope we can meet the expectations of our speakers as well as our guests.


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