Marie Taillard: Social requires a broad definition of value that goes beyond purely economic value!

Marie_Taillard_BW1We’re not done yet.., in our (pre-) interview series we have Marie Taillard.

Marie is the Marketing Prof @ESCPEurope Biz School and Director Creativity Marketing Centre.

From her profile on the ESCP Europe site: “[Dr. Taillard] specializes in studying marketing management and consumer behavior from the perspective of the communications that take place between consumers and firms and amongst consumers themselves.”

1. Marie – you will be speaking at Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT in Paris. What are the three tags that label your talk?
  • “shared purpose”
  • “reciprocity”
  • “sustainability”
2. Why do we need to talk about the social ecosystem?

Because they have now become today’s reality. Ignore them at your own peril.

3. What are the key building blocks of the ecosystem that influence the social transformation?

Connectedness, transparency, risk-sharing, access

4. For actively amplifying or driving the projects – what are your recommendations for those people being in charge?

Get a thorough understanding of the ecosystem. This means (1) investigating who the stakeholders are, (2) gaining a thorough understanding of what drives the stakeholders’ participation in the ecosystem via in-depth qualitative and quantitative research, including observation, (3) analyzing how value is created by the different stakeholders. This requires a broad definition of value that goes beyond purely economic value.

6. What are your expectations for the #e20s 2014?

I’m greatly looking forward to meeting participants from a wide range of sectors and backgrounds and to exchanging ideas on this fascinating topic. I love the fact that the conference has such a highly focused topic. My expectations are high – I want to come out of the conference having been challenged to develop new insights and a fresh outlook on the key issues surrounding the management of social ecosystems.

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