Michel Ezran: Companies seek the Holy Grail: A Smarter Enterprise

e20s-michel-ezranNext up in our pre-Summit interview series, Michel Ezran (@MichelEzran).

Michel is specialized in new technologies adoption, Social Media, Enterprise Social Networks and Web 2.0. He was the head of the Social Intranet Program for Renault, and is now director of Enterprise 2.0 consulting at Lecko.

Michel, you are part of this year’s speaker line-up at Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT 2014 in Paris and you will give a talk on the latest results on your technology research at LECKO.
What are the three tags that describe best your talk?
  • Enterprise Transformation
  • Business orientation
  • Adaptation to changes
What are the key trends in the social technology market?

Most companies are seeking the Holy Grail : a smarter enterprise.

A smart enterprise is :

  • Client-centric : a company that knows its clients and design products and services involving them, a company that engages its clients as ambassadors, that is even able to predict customers behaviors
  • Able to manage huge amount of data, make something meaningful and consistent from the variety and diversity of these data in order to make fact-based effective decisions
  • Has deeper relationships with clients and between employees, Find out new ways to create value
  • Constantly adapt to changing markets (customers, competitors, business models …) and environment (technologies, laws, …)

This Holy Grail is an ideal situation from which we are still far but that can inspire us. The key trends to move towards this direction :

  • Mobility : not only access anytime anywhere any device but also new usages, new ways to interact with clients and employees
  • Social Business : engage and network with customers and among employees, work closely with partners
  • Big Data, Analytics : both externally and internally
  • Cloud computing
  • Gamification to adopt new behaviors, to transform behaviors
  • Less and less borders between B2e, B2c, B2b activities and tools , common governance : it’s the same transformation project !
Are there any solutions clusters in the market with differentiating characteristics?

Yes, what is surprising is that the market is structuring very slowly , there are still a huge variety of solutions.

On the project side there is a demand of integrating the social technology platforms with the legacy and process-based systems. Are the solutions supporting this demand?

It’s indeed an emerging and crucial trend, but we are still very far from getting there !
On one side Business IS providers (SAP, Salesforce, …) are socializing their products. On the other side, ESN tools are trying to become frameworks that integrate Business IS.

IT Managers will have to find the right balance between socializing their legacy Business IS and integrating them into new collaboration and ESN tools.

As we know that the success of social collaboration is also depending on the cultural change and adoption to new working routines – are the technology concepts supporting this in any manner or is this a purely non-technological action item?

Tools vendors should do the maximum to ensure their tools are really transformation enablers and not transformation roadblocks. In particular they can progress in the following directions :

  • become more self explanatory (tools include their own adoption process – Google suite is a good example)
  • provide better analytics : to better understand and monitor clients and employees engagement and adoption
  • improve their design and user experience : towards more simplicity
  • better integration into the workplace, with other productivity tools


This being said, the cultural change cannot be technological, it’s something that cannot be decided, it’s something that occurs through action : do, learn, improve and generalize, test and learn, … It also requires more “Lacher-prise” (accept to launch an action without controlling all the potential consequences, accept to engage a journey without being 100% sure of the destination) : a state of mind very rare inside most companies nowadays !

Thank you Michel.

Michel will be speaking at the Enterprise 2.0 Summit 2014 in Paris. He’ll provide us with insides during the Expertise Panel: Digital Workplace Concepts and Trends. Don’t miss this.

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