The Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT moves beyond social & cultural change discussions!

We have been thinking about the scope of the Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT for quite some time. For a while now our beloved expert community has been telling us that “Social” has moved on, the “Enterprise 2.0” term is “dead” and that our conference heading doesn’t match the general “zeitgeist” of the current business landscape. We have argued against change, both because of the name recognition our event has in the community and because not every organisation is at the leading edge of change. However, in today’s disruptive business climate, every organisation’s business model is under threat and we are no different. It’s time to re-adjust. It’s time to change our name!

The question is where are we heading to? What is the best way of explaining the projects and programs of today and tomorrow? Everybody is talking about “Digital Transformation”, but this is a term describing the transition a business needs to make from a legacy approach to a new way of thinking. Indeed “digital transformation” is not an end in itself, but an ongoing process that won’t be complete for most organisations anytime soon, so that isn’t the right title for our SUMMIT.

The key goal is to “go digital” in all senses – putting social as enabler at the heart of the transformation process. Organisations need to be using digital and social tools both outside and inside of the company, but it is about more than technology. Organisations need to become customer centric – they need to be designing their processes from the outside-in, from the customer’s perspective to drive real value. To achieve that they they need to be engaging better and listening more to their employees and partners as well as their customers. In turn that drives the need to become more agile, more flexible, and more responsive.

So “Digital” is part of the answer, but “Enterprise” is at the core of our conference discussions. We aren’t just talking about tools or processes, we are also talking about leadership and values and all of the other ingredients that are required to make the enterprise more effective. Therefore we decided to put the “Enterprise” in front of “Digital” and change the conference name from “Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT” to the “Enterprise Digital SUMMIT”!

Introducing the Enterprise Digital SUMMIT!

The new Enterprise Digital SUMMIT covers more than the social and cultural revolution within the organization. It covers transformation at a broader level than just social collaboration.

The idea of the Enterprise Digital SUMMIT is to discuss the following aspects and challenges for any “enterprise” while on their journey to becoming “digital”:

  • The triggers for driving digital transformation
  • Key success factors for social becoming the enabling force for transformation
  • Building blocks of the information & knowledge framework & culture in an automated, data-driven environment
  • Design principles for the digitally transformed and enhanced workplace
  • Core elements for shifting to an outside-in, customers centric approach to drive real value
  • The working principles for management practice and organizational models of the digital age
  • Values and style of leadership required in the digital age

Conceptionally the Enterprise Digital SUMMIT will follow a similar path as the Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT aiming to provide a unique learning experience, intensive sessions and a provocative exchange of ideas and experiences but across all aspects of the business.

London 2015 will be the first of the new style of Enterprise Digital SUMMIT

Working with our co-production partner Agile Elephant, planning for the revamped Enterprise Digital SUMMIT / London is well under way. Our key headline is “Embracing the Digital Mindshift for Organizational Transformation” and we are focussing on the key elements for the digitally transformed organization – the corporate thinking that is required, the triggers and enabling concepts to make transformation happen, the working models for a responsive organization as well as the managerial approach to employee engagement.

We are very proud to announce the participation of Professor Vlatka Hlupic as well as Stowe Boyd our first two (of three) keynote speakers for the London edition. Professor Vlatka Hlupic is a Professor of Business and Management at the University of Westminster and author of the book “The Management Shift“. She will talk about the new style of leadership that is emerging and the management principles required for sustainable employee engagement and success in the digital landscape. Stowe Boyd calls himself a “futurist, researcher and edgling” and is at Gigaom Research as Research Director with a focus on the “future of work, and the tectonic forces pushing business, media, and society into an unclear and accelerating postnormal era”.

We will be announcing more speakers and especially customer case studies very soon. The London conference is on 22nd October at the same venue as last year – The British Academy. Along with the keynotes and practical case study talks, there will be interactive workshops and panel sessions – all to provide deep insights and real guidance.

We are looking forward to this “renaissance” of our #e20s conference and the new digital emphasis. Stay tuned and follow the changes on this website and our other communication channels (see the Facebook & Twitter).