Coming up: #EntDigi Meetup / Paris with discussion of social collaboration practices at Sodexo

We are starting another round of our meetup series in Paris – now under the brand of the #EntDigi Meetup (ex #e20s Meetup). The start of this year’s round is done by the discussion of the project experiences within Sodexo. Monique Oger and Gabriele Maltinti will present their lessons learned from the establishment of the Cloud9 project!


The Cloud9 projects is aimed to support the emergence of a learning organization within Sodexo. The project was started back in 2010 with an evaluation step. By the end of 2011 the project went live as the “Cloud9” enterprise social network within Sodexo – based on a cloud service implementation of Jive. The name was choosen as a reference to a state of happiness that was aimed to be created by a better knowledge sharing within the company.

Gabriele Maltinti, VP Innovation Networks, presented the following slides back in May 2012 about the project:

Thus – despite of the naming the adoption was not as easy-going as previewed. But still Cloud9 has achived a constantly increasing engagement curve since its creation. Together with his colleague Monique Oger, Cloud9 project leader, Gabriele Maltinti will present the lessons learned from the past 4 years of social collaboration within Sodexo at the upcoming #EntDigi Meetup / Paris on Oct 9. In their talk they will especially address the following topics:

  • Sponsorship
  • Use cases & adoption: what works, what doesn’t?
  • Business values of the project
  • How to keep the momentum for so long?
  • Community best practices and success criteria

As always the attendance at #EntDigi Meetup is free of charge as it is sponsored by our location partners – in this case LECKO. But we kindly ask for mandatory registration.

Register your free attendance at the #EntDigi Meetup Paris on Oct 8