#EntDigi Hangout: What is the state of the digital workplace – and its adoption in the UK and Europe?

Tomorrow we are again gathering an interesting crowd of experts to discuss the state of the “digital workplace” in another #EntDigi Hangout session. The digital workplace has become a key term in the discussions about the future of work. It combines both a technological as well as cultural perspective of a digitally advanced working environment that enables a smarter collaboration, an enriched information flow and knowledge sharing as well as a enhanced responsiveness of the organization.

In many discussions there is a misconception of the digital workplace as an advanced intranet – but as Paul Miller, CEO and Founder of the Digital Workplace Group and author of the book “The Digital Renaissance of Work”, puts it: “The intranet is essential, but the digital workplace is transformational.”

In the one-hour-discussion we will address some important questions on the idea of the digital workplace, its adoption in UK and Europe as well as the challenges that go with it. As combination of different technologies and tools to get work done and a mind-set of working foccused more on the output and the personal accountablity the digital workplace is dependent of an iterative development and establishment of digital enabled working patterns and a digital environment that supports this working at scale. The key question is once more what comes first and what second.

The #EntDigi Hangout session explores and discusses different opinions on this topic and the evaluations towards the state of adoption of the digital workplace in UK and Europe.

Guests of this show:

  • Paul Miller, Digital Workplace Group
  • Belinda Gannaway, Brilliant Noise
  • David Terrar, Agile Elephant
  • Michel Ezran, Lecko
  • Cécile Demailly, Early Strategies

You can follow the discussion as well as watch the recorded session at the following Youtube resource: