Essential Reading Series: About digital disruption and the truth on holacracy

Last week was a busy traveling week – therefore my link recommendations had to wait until Monday morning. The subjects of this list is about the key trends of the digital transformation and the controversy about holacray.

Happy reading!

  • Sven Denecken: The digital trends for business – “The market today is driven by customer-centricity, operational excellence, global networks of commerce, and rapid technological innovation. And underneath, you have the four macro drivers of change: Customers, Social, Innovation, and Technology.”
  • Ray Wang: Lesson 10 From Disrupting Digital Business – Segment By Digital Proficiency Not Age – “Age is not the deciding factor in five generations of customers, workers, suppliers, vendors, people. When discussing the future of work, most folks immediately jump to the discussion of millennials, generation Y, generation X, baby boomers, post war, etc. However, the shift to digital business finds a different type of five generations. This segmentation describes how digitally proficient people are with digital technologies and culture.”
  • Olivier Compagne: Holacracy vs. Hierarchy vs. Flat Orgs – “Holacracy is as far from “flat organization” as it is from “conventional management hierarchy”. It’s neither of those two options. To understand what it means, we first need to differentiate between “hierarchy” and “structure”. The absence of hierarchy does not necessarily mean no structure.”
  • Lep Widrich: What we got wrong about holacracy – “What we neglected for quite some time was that higher-level work is not a contradiction to self-management. People who are working on certain tasks find a lot of value in hearing about higher-level guidance and direction, and vice versa.”
  • Dion Hinchcliffe: Should Your Company Become a Holacracy? – “The real underlying issue for most organizations is that there are at least two major misalignments in most organizations that will prevent them from making significant progress. One is that the business and technology teams are not well-aligned in most organizations, and second is that there are missing many key digital-era skills. Both of these issues can be addressed, but it represents the governance and leadership challenge of our generation in our opinion. For those strongly considering a move towards Holacracy or something like it, we strongly encourage you to make the initial steps, as they are vital to your future. You will learn a great deal, and you will make a difference, no matter how far you get.”
  • Jeanne Wellnitz: 25 Thesen zur Zukunft der Arbeit (25 theses about the future of work) [Translated English version] – “Die Telekom hat mit der Uni St. Gallen 25 Megatrends zur Arbeit in der digitalen Welt verfasst. Experten prognostizieren die Auflösung der Organisation. HR muss handeln.”