Essential Reading Series: People Management between Leadership & Governance

Being late and short on last week’s essential reading recommendations, but did not want to leave it out. Therefore here we go for some articles and resources worth reading:

  • Jane McConnell: Can HR Help Bridge the Gap?: Jane McConnell is announcing a new research on the question of “Is HR helping bridge the gap between words and actions — between intentions and reality — when it comes to digital inside organizations? And if so, how?”
  • John Jackson: Practical ways to approach digital transformation in your enterprise: “The best advice I can give is to eliminate the fear of messing up. Giving yourself permission to make mistakes or get things wrong takes a lot of the tension out of getting started – and the process of fixing your mistakes is the best way to learn what and how technology can truly transform your business. It will also change the way you approach innovation. You might deploy initiatives earlier than you would have done. You may introduce different technologies into the organization. It’s this fail fast approach that enables IT leaders to see what works, what doesn’t, and where they need to go to improve.”
  • Michael Balle: Lean Management to make progressve change a lifestyle (French Content!) (Goolge Translate English Version): The aim of lean management is to move from a one-time change, all or nothing to an incremental change continuously. Lean leader no longer tries to pass a major change, but to learn the organization to change constantly. Change is natural, logical and progressive. Truce great vision of where we want to go but constant efforts to improve and learn.
  • Cécile Demailly: What is the future for Middle Management?: “Since the advent of collaborative tools and digital media, there has been a growing pressure on middle management. Although diffuse and vague, there is the idea that corporations should renew the way they structure themselves, and that middle management roles and responsibilities must evolve.”