Vodafone: Social technology as an enabler for a better internal information flow

Last week David Terrar from our friends and partners on the Enterprise Digital SUMMIT / London – the Agile Elephantspublished a background story about the Vodafone case study that is going to be presented at the upcoming event in London on Oct 22. David sat together with Stanley Awuku, Vodafone’s Internal Digital Experience Manager, and talked about the idea and the activities of the “Vodafone Circle” project.

The story aligns very much with other stories that establish social technology as an enabling tool for some new kind of better internal information flow and information sharing. Backed by a top management vision the project tries to ignite conversation within the company. Very interesting in this regard is the facilitation of digital townhall meetings where senior leaders are presenting their ideas and plans in a kind of a webinar and then the archived presentation is open for discussion and feedback. This helps the company on their cultural transformation journey.

The results are quite good:

They’ve expanded from that simple use case, and encouraged more and more use over time. They have heavy users of Circle in their legal department, the technology team, in HR and security, but right across the organisation so that they now have over 80,000 registered users and regularly average 20,000 unique visitors.

Our other friends over at the SMiLE conference had him also speaking at their last year’s conference and gently published the conversation with him on Vimeo:

We are very much looking forward the talk of Stanley at Enterprise Digital SUMMIT in London – and are interested in the discussion of the on-going digital enablement of internal users.

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