#EntDigi – Lee Bryant (Postshift) on the need for transformational services

Time is passing always so fast – sometimes you just miss to push out all the good content you got. This is also the case with the interview I have made with Lee Bryant from Postshift already back in June. Lee is one of the leading experts on the social business ideas in Europe. With his former company Headshift (which was integrated into the Dachis Group) he was an early expert team that put a lot of efforts into the transformation of the early birds in this field. At some point he became disappointed about the progress of the transformational change. With his new venture Postshift he is up to providing a toolset to analyze, quantifiy and steer the change – in the video he’s explaining the why and how.

Lee and his team are also supporting us at the Enterprise Digital SUMMIT / London next week that we are very much looking forward to.

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